Rebecca Klundt

 Rebecca Klundt

Rebecca Klundt


So... tell us about yourself.
 I am a Utah lover and mother of 6 (I birthed 5 of them) great kids. When I finished my PTA stint I went back to finish my degree at Brigham Young University. I loved every minute of that and then came home and built a studio in my back yard. My husband works from home so we have lunch together every day. It's a sweet life.

Why do you make art?
In school I had to make some decisions about what to focus on. Probably every artist could spend a lifetime exploring. I feel passionate about using the unusable. Cleaning up the left overs. I think a piece is finished when it has something to say. I believe in destroying art.

How much time do you get to spend making art?
I like to think I am an artist all of the time. I think good art comes from what I do outside of the studio. I believe thoughtful, seemingly unproductive time is necessary. I try to absorb what is around me so that it can come out later.

Who are your favorite artists?
Louise Nevelson rocked

Did you study art in school?
Why would anyone do anything else...unless

Have you read any good books lately?
The Bonds that Make us Free I love the study of human nature.

How do you get through creative blocks?
I have lots of prep work that I turn to some days when I'm not ready to jump into something. I find that as I study I come across phrases that would make a great title and then I think, "How would I say that?"

How do you balance time between making art and marketing art?
I think a good gallery is worth their price.

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What is your general opinion of the art community in Utah, what's great about it, what could be better?
I love this community. I have been so impressed with the attitude of other artists who have reached out to me and welcomed me in. There is a lot of generosity. (Justin and Camille Wheatley, Liz Mathews, Clint Whiting, Jody Plant, Liberty Blake, Lindi Carter, Jeff Hale, Stephanie Hock...the list gets bigger every day. Also Felicia Bacca and Kandace Steadman and their groups have been essential for me.

How do you think we, as artists can grow the "art scene" in Utah? If we get together as a group, what can we do to help ourselves?
Social Media is a great way to share what we see out there and speak for each other. If you advertise a good show or talk about what's new...go to gallery stroll. I've committed to do that and be out there in a visual way.

Do you have any suggestions for features that would be useful to you or the art scene in Utah?
Reporting on good shows we've seen. I love critique...maybe virtual critique. I think it is helpful to gather also and talk about our ideas.